Orthodontist- Job Description, Salary & Education

Orthodontist- Job Description, Salary & Education

The best orthodontist in Abu Dhabi is a specialist who diagnoses and treats dental problems that often go beyond the scope of other medical and dental professionals. The treatment they provide often addresses multiple symptoms at the same time. An orthodontist often monitors patients for failure during treatment and long-term compliance. It can be lucrative and satisfying to help people get their dream smile.

Job duties

The job description for an orthodontist entails diagnosing dental problems and designing appropriate appliances. This occupation requires a great deal of dexterity and good hand-eye coordination. Orthodontists may also be involved in other dental and medical processes. Some of their duties may include managing staff, keeping detailed records, and healing dental abnormalities. A detailed orthodontist resume includes several examples of duties performed by an orthodontist.

An orthodontist’s schedule may vary depending on the number of patients they see each day. Some work in a dental clinic and may work alongside other doctors. The job demands strict attention to detail, so orthodontists may be required to work a flexible schedule. Full-time orthodontists typically work 35 to 40 hours per week. Some orthodontists also keep part-time practices to continue working with patients.


The salary of an orthodontist varies greatly depending on where he works. Most orthodontists work in an office setting, but some work as part of a specialty group or start their private practice. These doctors usually work during normal business hours and may work several days a week. The typical workweek is thirty to forty hours. There are also many options when choosing a city to work in.

The pay for orthodontists varies from state to state. In general, orthodontists earn more than those in small towns in big cities. This is mainly because of the cost of living in the larger cities. The average orthodontist salary is Dh303, 000, higher than the national average.

Education requirements

Before becoming an orthodontist, you must first earn your dental license. You must complete an accredited dental program, pass the National Board Dental Examinations, and pass state-specific clinical examinations. Some universities offer combined degrees in dentistry and orthodontia, which allows you to earn your doctorate and become an orthodontist. Once you have acquired your license, you must take continuing education courses and recertify your certification every three years.